Rounding at St. Margaret

Starting July 1, 2017, Deer Lakes Medical has stopped inpatient rounds at St. Margaret Hospital.

  • For many years, our practice has had rounding privileges at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital.  Our physicians saw our patients both in the office and any of our patients hospitalized UPMC St. Margaret Hospital.
  • However, as of July 1, 2017, our practice stopped inpatient rounding at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital.  We now utilize the hospitalist service at St. Margaret for any of our patients admitted at St. Margaret. A hospitalist is a medical doctor who works exclusively at the hospital.
  • This new arrangement allows for better time management for our physicians, and better care for you. For example, we are no longer rushing from hospital to office to see afternoon patients, which means less wasted time with transportation, and less disruptive pages from the hospital interrupting our time with our office patients.  This directly translates into lower wait times for you and more “face to face time” with your provider.
  • We coordinate care with the hospitalists at St. Margaret, who will not hesitate to call us with questions or concerns. I have been called a handful of times already with quick updates and questions about my patients, and I greatly appreciate their conscientiousness and commitment to transitions of care.
  • We have a relationship with Dr. Bajwa at Allegheny Valley Hospital,.  Dr. Bajwa takes care of any patients admitted to that facility and sends us communication about their care there.
  • Please feel free to talk to any of us about our decision.  It was a challenging decision to make, but our decision was made for the best interest of our practice and our patients.